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Steel Structure Edge Protection Systems
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With over 10 years of experience in helping construction clients to succeed, APAC is an expert in steel structure edge protection systems manufacturing.
Steel structure edge protection systems are very popular especially in the temporary edge protection industry, take this chance to skyrocket your business.

Meet Your Expectations
on Steel Structure Edge Protection

APAC can manufacture any type of formwork beam edge protection components
like i beam clamp or i beam brackets.
We will 100% support your business by providing whole steel structure edge protection solutions and also financial service. Tell us your requirements now.

Recent Steel Structure Edge Protection Order

These edge protection systems for steel structures are applicable where it is necessary to protect construction workers and objects for fall prevention.

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Custom Edge Protection Systems
Manufacturer in China

APAC edge protection systems are designed for a wide range of construction environments including concrete floors, structural steelwork, formwork frames and scaffolding, rooftop and parapet, and major construction projects.

  • Quality

    APAC offers leading quality assurance and testing solutions to ensure the concrete edge protect system meets the safety and regulatory requirements in your market.
    • Each QC for the production process
    • Compliant with EN 13374, AS/NZS 4994, and OSHA standards
    • Report quality defects or potential issues
  • Production

    Aim to deliver superior quality products, we have equipped with sophisticated facilities to edge protection products beyond your expectations.
    • Material Incoming Inspection
    • Automatic production lines create your projects in an efficient manner
    • Final inspection before shipping
  • Safety

    We are your reliable partners who walk with you from the beginning. Our success depends on yours because we are on the same side - safety first.
    • Products Tracking Number
    • Perform Testing upon your request
    • Exemplary after-sales services and technical assistance

How APAC Custom Your Edge Protection Panels

  • Raw Material Inspection

    Raw Material Inspection

    Cooperating with famous steel brands and purchasing agencies, We only adopt premium materials to manufacture high-quality edge protection components.
  • Steel Tube Cutting

    Steel Tube Cutting

    4000W high-performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.
  • Frame Welding

    Frame Welding

    Each galvanized edge protection barrier has a sturdy and durable 4mm steel wire mesh panel construction, which complies with AS/NZS 4994.1:2009 and EN Standard.
  • Powder-coating


    APAC can do powder coating for both small and extra-large wire mesh panels. In addition, we offer special UV-resistant additives for outdoor powder coating materials.
  • Strict Final Test

    Strict Final Test

    Adjust the details to eliminate safety risks and possible flaws by testing the appearance, specifications and dimensions, assembly compatibility
  • Delivery Packaging

    Delivery Packaging

    The Customized Pallet of Edge Protection Fence Panel is propitious to long Transportation, to ensure the surface is not broken during the whole delivery.

APAC will Provide You The Best OEM/ODM Solutions

  • Physical Design

    Physical Design

    Using advanced CAD rendering, we are able to design the portable fence panels according to your needs at the project.
  • Versatile Components

    Versatile Components

    From concrete structure to steel structure, we create versatile components that can meet the specific project needs of various application scenarios.
  • Surface Treatment

    Surface Treatment

    From hot galvanizing, cold galvanizing, plastic spraying, paint spraying or matte, we have a rich selection of surface processes that can bolster your edge protection systems durability and your branding.
  • Optional Packaging

    Optional Packaging

    We can bolster the market presence of your edge protection system through our extensive optional packaging pattern, letting you increase brand awareness.

Delivery High-efficiently to All Our Customers

Throughout the entire process of APAC management, a credible supply chain is vital and very important for the success of our business so far. With years of firm cooperation with freight forwarders, we have become experts in what is of the utmost importance to you—on-time delivery.

  • Quality


  • Speed


  • Reliability


No matter it is a sample, trial order or bulk item, we will track deliveries and monitor the ongoing performance of our haulers to ensure high standards of care and punctuality are maintained for your edge protection system components.

Reach Your Greater Business by Partnering with APAC

You may endure common problems with other edge protection system components manufacturing companies, such as:
● High cost of systems such as those manufactured in your own country.
● Crudely fabricated components of lower quality from some countries of Asia
● Unusable due to improper edge protection safety standards or legislation.
● Suppliers Lacking comprehensive inspection or adopting a non-standardized manufacturing process.
● Delivery takes a longer time than anticipated, delay your progress.
● Lack of technical support & assistance during use.
● Installation or dismounting waste time and money.


Now, forget those persistent problems!
As the NO. 1 manufacture of edge protection system products in China, we not only help you to deliver your edge protection system needs on-time and on-budget, but also provide you the best solutions for your project by avoiding the pitfalls.

● High quality and cost-competitive
● Fast response support team 24×7
● Conforms to OSHA, AS/NZS and CE standards compliance
● Custom ODM Solutions & Profitable OEM Services
● All systems come with technical manual and installation guide
● Service throughout the entire lifespan of your products
To be your full service & custom edge protection system provider, for all your temporary edge protection needs, contact us now.


1.Why you need steel structure edge protection systems?

Edge protection system is the preferred control for preventing falls from construction sites because it isolates multiple workers and objects from the risk of a fall.
The UK Work at Height Regulations 2005 was introduced under the European Directive 89/391/EEC and requires all those that have a duty of care to ensure that work at height is carried out safely. Solutions need to be suitable and sufficient to ensure prevention of both persons and objects from falling. And there are similar directive in OSHA.
The earlier the decision concerning edge protection systems are used, the greater the project will benefit.

2.Will I be able to see a sample before placing my order?

Yes, of course! Before any custom order proceeds into bulk production, you can see the display by pictures and videos.
If you want see the real sample, we also can arrange the shipment. The sample fee and shipping costs are paid by you. And the cost can be refunded in your subsequent bulk orders.

3.How long will it take for this custom edge protection components to be done?

Generally our lead time is approximately 15-30 business days depending on the quantity, we will do our absolute best to meet your needs.
We take pride in our quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness and encourage you to compare us with our edge protection system competitors, because we know you will like what we do!

4.How will my custom edge protection systems be packed?

Most custom components are quoted as “bulk” packed. That does not mean we dump as many products as we can into a big container. Instead, we individually each edge protection panel to protect them from scratches using PE film, bubble and cardboard to ensure the edge protection systems make them safely to their destination.
Our experience in packing temporary edge protection products has made us very efficient and knowledgeable, you can be in the peace of mind when expect.

5.What is your warranty?

Send us your request today and we will generate a quote with everything you need for your edge protection system project.

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