Plywood formwork is a type of temporary mold or structure made from plywood panels that are used to hold freshly poured concrete in place until it hardens and gains its desired shape. Plywood formwork is commonly used in the construction industry as it offers a cost-effective, flexible and efficient solution for creating concrete structures such as walls, columns, beams and slabs.

Plywood Formwork

plywood formwork
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Plywood Formwork

These formworks can be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing for quick turnaround times and reuse on multiple projects. Plywood formwork is also durable and can withstand the weight and pressure of wet concrete without warping or bending. Additionally, using plywood formwork helps to ensure consistent quality of the finished concrete product by providing a smooth and even surface for the concrete to adhere to.

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High-Quality Raw Materials for Plywood Formwork Production

To produce high-quality plywood formwork, it’s essential to start with high-quality raw materials. At a minimum, the veneers used to make the plywood should be made from hardwood, such as birch, oak, or maple. These woods are known for their strength and stiffness, which will help ensure that the finished formwork can withstand the pressures of pouring concrete.
In addition to using high-quality hardwood veneers, the plywood should also be manufactured using a high-quality adhesive. The adhesive used to bond the veneers together should be water-resistant, we provide WBP Melamine Glue( Water Boiling around 8-10 hours), The WBP Phenolic glue( Water Boiling over 72 hours), We can customize the plywood with different glue to meet our cleints requests.

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Automatically Machine for Plywood Formwork Production

When it comes to building with plywood formwork, precision is key. The dimensions of each piece need to be exact so that when they’re assembled, the resulting structure is strong, stable, and level. One way to achieve this precision is by using a device that automatically processes wood into thin sheets for use in the production of plywood formwork.
This device, which can be called a veneer peeling machine or a veneer slicer, use a veneer peeling machine ensures that each slice of wood is cut to a consistent thickness and width, reducing the likelihood of unevenness or warping in the finished plywood formwork. This consistency also makes it easier to lay out and assemble the pieces during construction, saving time and effort on the job site.
By ensuring that each piece is cut precisely and consistently, builders can have greater confidence in the durability and stability of the structures they build.

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Quality Control in Plywood Formwork Production

To ensure that each piece of plywood formwork meets the required standards, we will implement a comprehensive quality control process at the end of production. This process involves inspecting each piece for defects or inconsistencies, such as warping, delamination, or cracks.The quality control process also include testing the plywood formwork’s strength and resistance to moisture.
By conducting quality control at the end of production, we can catch any issues early on and ensure that only high-quality plywood formwork makes it onto the market.

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Perfect Packing About Plywood Formwork

When it comes to ensuring the safe and secure transport of plywood formwork, proper packaging is key. At our company, we take packaging seriously.
Our packaging method involves using inner plastic bags to protect each piece of plywood formwork from moisture and other potential sources of damage. We then use either three-ply or paper-boxes to encase the plastic bags, providing an additional layer of protection against scratches, dents, and other surface damage.
To reinforce the package even further, we wrap steel tapes around the boxes in a 4×6 line pattern. This helps to keep the packages tightly bound and prevents them from shifting or moving during transport. The steel tapes also add additional strength, which can help prevent damage due to crushing or impact.

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On-Time Delivery Guarantee for Plywood Formwork Orders

At our company, we understand the importance of timely delivery when it comes to construction projects.

To ensure timely delivery, we have established an efficient production process that allows us to quickly manufacture plywood formwork according to customer specifications. We also maintain a large inventory of raw materials to ensure that we can complete orders quickly and efficiently.

Once an order is ready, we work with reputable shipping and logistics companies to ensure that the plywood formwork arrives at the customer’s location as quickly and safely as possible. We track each shipment closely to ensure that it reaches its destination on time and without any issues.

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General Application For Plywood Formwork

The plywood formwork is commonly used for constructing walls, columns, beams, and slabs in buildings and other structures.

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