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APAC Builders Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2014 in China. APAC has successfully supplied many clients with edge protection systems for over 8 years.
We already have 7 edge protection system series with more than 200 types of products, applications for concrete projects, steel structures, formwork frames, rooftops, industrial operations, and so on.

Aims to provide a safer working environment, up to now, we always maintain the highest safety standards and provide the highest quality edge protection components and parts. All components are manufactured in accordance with EN 13374, OSHA 1926.502, AS/NZS 4994.1, and AS/NZS 1170, etc. The edge protection systems are hot selling in North America, Europe, Australia, Mid-East, and Southeast Asia.
Both ODM / OEM services are provided at our own production site, supported by specialized technicists from CAD concepts to productions.

Any challenges with purchasing from China?
You can always count on our turnkey services, our proactive team will support your projects all the time.
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Our Aim

Falls from heights are the number one cause of construction work-related injuries and deaths.
Whilst the advanced technology which we now use has created convenience for those who work on construction sites, safety must also remain a priority.
Every loss of life is a tragedy to a family, and all of these deaths are preventable.
Typically, fall protection suppliers focus on the products, but we thought except for the cost-effective products, it would be more helpful to show you the basics of edge protection systems and how to work safely at heights.
we are committed to continually pursuing technological innovation in edge protection, so that we can all meet our customers' construction site safety needs, even on the most complex projects, ensure that workplaces are as safe as they can be.

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Our Mission

  • To research and choose the right solutions that fit your projects and legal requirements
  • To provide superior technical guidance for your project.
  • To work closely with you on every step of progress to capture your ideas.
  • To ensure superior quality from raw material selection to full-scale manufacturing before shipping out.
  • To allow authoritative third-party institutes to carry out tests on our products meeting international standards
  • To be your best choice of you by achieving superior quality, timely delivery, and excellent after-sales service.

Our Systems Oriented To Your Edge Protection Needs

Global leading concrete edge protection systems for concrete construction projects, help to create safer construction sites and protect lives of workers.

Independently-developed compression post is versatile and flexible for full height solutions, which complies to EN 13374 and OHSA, and it can be installed with no drill and no tools needed.

Stair edge protection systems prevent workers falling down from staircase without protection. APAC’s stair clamp is faster and safer than the traditional guardrail patterns.

Different types of guardrail system solutions with OSHA standard are widely used in warehouses, industrial operations, construction site, rooftop or parapet without guardrails.

The safety net fan is a flexible edge protection system in high-rise construction. It has the unique ability to adapt the concrete building and scaffolding, catch falling objects, debris and people.

Leading The Way In Construction Edge Protection

Falls will cause injuries at work which are unacceptable and avoidable, and it may lead to stoppage of the worksite, very affect the progress.
The application of temporary edge protection system may allow for reducing fall risk, and that's what we do in the past 8 years.
APAC Builders Equipment Co., Ltd is a fast grown Chinese company, focuses on the edge protection technical development and to meet the needs of the market, and provides innovative construction edge protection products with outstanding service.
This website is a direct line of communication between you and our expert team, also providing access to a complete solution of your project needs, tech support, and more requirement documents.
Just contact us, and we’ll be happy to stand by you.

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