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TG Slab Edge Bracket Edge Protection System

The APAC TG Edge Bracket Edge Protection system is manufactured and designed for components such as TG Mesh Barrier and TG Posts. We are experts in the manufacture of Edge Protection systems. This product is an excellent solution for erecting barrier systems on the edges of precast concrete slabs and staircases.


Main Components of TG Slab Edge Bracket Edge Protection System

TG_Edge bracket

Slab Edge Bracket

The slab edge bracket can be mounted on concrete. The slab edge bracket is supplied with a screw bolt which is tightened and held stable by nailing to the concrete.

TG Barrier Clips

APAC TG Barrier Clip is the component for TG Slab Edge Protection Systems. It provides the locking function of positioning.

TG POST 1.3m

TG Post 1.3m/1.8m

APAC TG Post 1.3m/1.8m is manufactured from S235 Grade steel. It is available also to use the Alloy 6061/6082 T6 materials per your request. 

1.3m TG Mesh Barrier

Mesh Barrier 1.3m

APAC’s 1.3m TG Mesh Barrier is lighter, more flexible, and more impact absorbent, yet maintains the barrier’s well-known durability even when used in harsh environments.

2.6m TG Mesh Barrier

Mesh Barrier 2.6m

APAC supports customizing any RAL or Pantone color for 2.6m TG Mesh Barrier and can provide customized logo stickers to maximize your brand awareness on site.

1.3m make Up Mesh Barrier

Extension Mesh Barrier 1.3m

The Extension Mesh Barrier of 1.3m is installed on top of the 1.3m TG Mesh Barrier, you will have a 1.8m coverage height edge protection system.

Make Up Mesh Barrier 2.6m

Extension Mesh Barrier 2.6m

With two hooks in the bottom, when used in combination with 2.6m TG Mesh Barrier, they provide locking and positioning functions.

Why Choose Us

Factory Direct Edge Protection Systems Supplier

As a leading-edge protection manufacturer in China, you can find the ideal TG Edge Bracket Edge Protection accessories for your project from APAC. For more than 7 years in the edge protection industry, APAC is capable of manufacturing a wide range of edge protection systems.

The TG Edge Bracket for Edge Protection System can be assembled with a TG Post and TG Mesh Panel used popularly in the concrete frame for building a safe work zone.

The TG Edge Bracket as a component of the Edge Protection system is made from S235 steel material with a hot-dipped galvanized surface finish.

TG-Edge-protection system Brackets
Why Choose Us

Certified Edge Protection Systems

APAC is a CE certified TG Edge Bracket Edge Protection factory audited in Europe according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834.
Our TG Edge Bracket Edge Protection systems are tested according to the European Standard EN 13374 and the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4994.1.
You can get the highest quality TG Edge Bracket Edge Protection systems from APAC at competitive prices.
Anything you need can be ordered from APAC. You can also contact one of our sales representatives for more details for TG edge protection systems. Contact us today!

Why Choose Us

Easy to Install and Labor Saving Edge Protection System

The APAC TG edge bracket fixes the post 100mm from the surface, providing access for the safe completion of edge protection. Using a single fixing device, the TG edge bracket is kept stable by nailing to the concrete slab edge when fastened.
You can use APAC TG Edge Bracket Edge Protection System on the concrete slab edge. Because the APAC TG Edge Bracket Edge Protection components we produced can be fitted to all concrete slab edges.
APAC will be the best partner for your fall protection requirements. We want you to be one of our successful business partners.

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