Compression Post Edge Protection

Compression Post Edge Protection System

Compression Post Systems are used to install edge protection between concrete slabs and in other situations on construction sites. They are mainly used in concrete floors and soffits, but can also be provided for fixing some steel frames.


Main Components of Compression Post

compression post

Compression Post

Quick and easy to erect, the compression post provides a floor height of up to 3.5m (11’6″) to fully contain the soffit.

Barrier slider for Compression Post edge protection

Barrier Clip

Can be adjusted to any position on a compression post when used in conjunction with a barrier.

Edge Protection Mesh Barrier 1.3m

Mesh Barrier 1.3m

APAC Safedge Mesh Barrier 1.3m is Edge Protection Parts. It is base elements of the Edge Protection System.

Edge Protecton Mesh Barrier 2.6m

Mesh Barrier 2.6m

Barrier 2.6m integrates a frame, infill mesh, and toe board. The system exceeds many safety standards such as EN13374.

2.9m Long Distance Mesh Barrier

Mesh Barrier 2.9m

2.9m long-distance mesh barrier is our barrier solution designed specifically for the North American market.

3D Display

Visualize Your Compression Post with Our 3D Drawing Service

With our 3D drawing service, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive visual representation of their edge protection system. Our team of experts can create accurate and detailed 3D models that allow you to see the system from every angle and make any necessary adjustments before installation. This service helps to ensure that your system is designed to meet your exact specifications, and gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what to expect. Contact us today to learn more about our 3D drawing services for edge protection systems.


More Details About Our Compression Post


No Anchor Required

Compared to the shoring prop, the compression post can be installed faster and is lightweight, no anchored or bolted.


Adjustment Handle

Positioned and locked into place from the standing position, and then compressed between the concrete floors through a threaded screw.



Hot-dipped galvanized surface finishing, powder-coated, and zinc plated/electroplated surface is available also.



Can be easily installed by extending the inner tube to the ceiling and then activate the compression function via the screw jack.

factory direct

Factory-direct Compression Post Manufacturer

APAC is a full-cycle manufacturer, from raw material to the molding of finished compression post edge protection systems. This allows us to ensure the minimum timescales & lead times, and quality at every stage of production.

  • Designed to meet your needs
  • A variety of surface finishes for you to choose from
  • Compatible with other brands
  • Can be recycled for economic benefits
  • Fast installation and labor cost saving

General Application For Compression Post

APAC’s compression post system is fixed between the concrete floors and soffits without anchors to provide a faster installation process.


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