Safety Net Fans

The APAC Safety Net Fan is a collective slab edge protection system used in architectural construction to prevent or limit the fall of individuals and falling objects from heights.
APAC Manufactures Standardize Safety Net Fan Systems. We also offer a Customized Safety Net Fan System for Your Special Requirement.


Main Components of APAC Safety Net Fans

safety net fans-Top bracket

Top Bracket

When you install the safety net fan top bracket you should drill 12mm holes to a minimum depth of 100mm. The thickness of the slab should be at least 150 mm.

safety net fans-Bottom Clamp

Bottom Bracket

The Bottom Bracket is the attachment of the Safety Net Fan system. It is mounted to the floor below by the screw bolts to provide support for the system.

safety net fans-Telescopic tube

Telescopic Post

Based on the height adjustment, the Telescopic Upright can make the safety net fan suit building floor-to-floor height from min. 2.6m to max. 4.8m.

safety net fans-Swivel Coupler

Scaffold Coupler End Clamp

APAC’s end clamp makes the scaffold tubes join together at 90 degrees, normally drop forged and Hot dipped galvanized or Zinc plated surface finishing.

safety net fans-Lock Brace

Retainer Brackets

APAC’s retainer brackets are horizontal parts. They will be bolted to the support arm on one side. Another side will be locked to the Telescopic Upright with a spring pin.

safety net fans-tube

Horizontal Scaffold Tube

The horizontal scaffold tube is a scaffold tube with two holes in the ends, APAC provides two types of horizontal scaffold tubes for safety net fan, 4m, and 6m.

safety net fans-debris net

Debris Net

Safety debris netting is a high-tenacity multi-fiber netting available in a wide range of colors.

safety net fan Support Arm

Support Arm

The Support Arm is the scaffolding tube with holes inside. It is the brace member of the APAC Safety Net Fan System.


Customize Safety Net Fans are Available

safety net fans weight
  • The APAC safety net fan system consists of a metal pedestal structure and fan net, in accordance with the system in standard EN 1926.105
  • It can be mounted on a concrete frame
  • Consists of individual modular packs, each covering a floor length of 4m or 6m.
  • Protective height: 6 m
  • Protective width: 3.1 m towards the outside of the slab edge

Safety Net Fan Supplier You Can Trust in China

If the safety net fan system is impacted, it forms a collection pocket around the trapped object, reducing the impact of the fall and preventing it from falling outside the Safety Net Fan system.

  • Safe assembly procedures
  • Catching people in the event of a fall
  • Placed on the outside of the slab edge to allow full movement of the worker on the work surface
Safedge Safety Net Fans

General Application For Safety Net Fans

APAC’s safety net fans are pre-assembled units that can be used in any structure and adapted to any shape. The system can safely catch falling objects and debris and is available in different sizes, making the system perfectly adapted to your requirements and applications.


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